It is customary for elected officials and others to immediately express their thoughts and prayers to the victims of highly publicized homicides, whether a high-profile individual or a mass shooting victim. We, the members of the National Homicide Justice Alliance also extend our condolences and prayers to the victims, all their families, and to the family of the courageous coach Aaron Feis, who sacrificed himself so others could live.

The mothers, fathers, other relatives and friends involved with the National Homicide Justice Alliance are re-traumatized as we view, hear and read about the eighth-deadliest mass shooting in our nation since 2007. We are reminded of our own loss with the murder of these 17 precious lives and the injuring of more than a dozen persons. As we learn more about this horrific ordeal, the National Homicide Justice Alliance urges all Americans to turn our collective thoughts and prayers into action, by calling your local and national legislatures.

While many will choose to express their grief by holding vigils and events with teddy bears and candles, we call for action and for the REAL issues to be addressed. We are already hearing speeches from the President and other local, state and federal elected officials; and they may all sound encouraging, but they must be forced to take immediate and responsible action to ensure common sense gun laws, that will move the country towards eradicating individual and mass shootings and homicides.

Our focus, as members of the National Homicide Justice Alliance, is on raising awareness, advocating and empowering families of homicide victims to speak out, challenge our elected officials to stop pandering to the corporate driven interest of the NRA, who have demonstrated time and time again that guns are more precious than our children. Aside from the shooter’s in any given situation mental health status, motive, intent, or circumstances; the horrific assaults on innocent citizens with deadly automatic weapons must be addressed.

We stand and urge others to stand with Lori Alhadeff, mother of victim Alyssa Alhadeff — who played with the Parkland Soccer Club but is now a victim of the Parkland massacre, in calling on President Donald Trump and the United States Congress to immediately turn their attention to this matter.

# Parkland

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